Friday, March 21, 2008

Study Models - A Sample of My Design Work in Progress

Sketchbook entries:
The following sketchbook entries happened simutainusly with the study models shown below.

In the three pages above i was examining the different intimate spaces that I wanted within my Narratorium.

The above to entries were purely guestural sketches, quick ideas that I wanted to put down on paper.

Study Models:

These are a grouping of a majority of my study models from the design phase of our studio.

The model above begins to deal more with the idea of connection from one space to another like the double height space. These planes are capable of sliding and changing the look of the structures appearance due to the activities that are happening within.

In the photo above I have begun to implement materials of stained wood and the idea of concrete slabs.

This model was another step towards developing spaces that were ideal for storytelling. Many of the concepts seen in this model were carried out in my final model. For example, the douple height spaces, supporting walls on the front elevations and the circulation well to the right.
As I began to develop the structure I played with the idea of connections that could be made throughout the building, from one space to another. For example the photo about is of a opening that creates a double height space from the cafe to the second floor.

This model was my initial stab at my concept of a Narratorium. The small spaces that I created spoke of the intimacy that I believe is a crucial part of story telling. Without these small enclosures the viewer as well as the storyteller become lost within the space and do not pick up the important characteristics of one another.

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