Wednesday, January 23, 2008

(a new fragment) of the BookMap, soon to come

Upon leaving ones home, for work, errand, ect, most feel as though their stresses and obligations are just beginning. For me, it is very much a different feeling.

Upon grabbing the small brass door handle and closing the heavy red door, today I left my obligations behind...

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Beginning... (a fragment of the BookMap, soon to come)

I awoke to the day, startled by the intrusive buzzing of my alarm clock. Lifelessly I swung my arm over and smacked the top of it, to shut it up.

As I pulled myself from under my seven layers of blankets, which were mostly quilts made by grandmother and a few strays from the musty linen closet down the hall, I was hit with a crisp winter air. It stiffened me and overwhelmed my bones as I turned to look out the menacing iron pained window in my room.

That functionless hole in the wall has never brought me more than the cold from the opposing side……… but I have to appreciate what I have.

Once I mustered enough courage to place the balls of my feet on the worn and cold hardwood floor, I ran for a small rug placed in front of my closet.

Standing there in front of my door-less closet, that measure about the size of a linen closet, I hopelessly waved my hand in the air. This was my proven method for finding the light. Found it.

As I pulled down on the tattered shoelace that hung from the single and fixtureless light bulb in the ceiling, it filled the closet with a hum.

I knelt down to find my shoes. Miss matched and scattered most lie there with no real mileage on them…
Black, brown green, yellow, tan.

Yellow. Found ‘um.